DoN’s on
ÖBB Long-distance trains
© ÖBB, Harald Eisenberger
Delight on rails

Since April 2018, DoN's has been offering regional freshness, quality and sustainability on the ÖBB long-distance trains.

Enjoy selected delicacies from our current winter menu - in the on-board restaurant and from the mobile on-board service!

For more Information go to our Facebook page: @dons auf schiene

DoN's Bistro Menu
Food & beverages from the DoN's Bistro menu are available in the Railjet Bistro, Business Class and First Class. Passengers of the ÖBB Eurocity are also able to visit the on-board restaurant to take full advantage of the bistro menu.
DoN’s Mobile Board Service Menu
A small but fine selection of snacks and drinks can be found in the mobile board service menu. Served off the mobile trolley, this offer is available to all guests of Economy Class in Railjets as well as on the ÖBB Intercity.
Product information
We are happy to share details about our products, nutritional values and ingredients.
Shopping on board
Umbrella, charger cable or key finder - a range of small gadgets on the go can now be found on board of ÖBB Railjets.
Return Policy
In case of damaged products or if you are not satisfied with an item, you can return it right after your purchase at the exact same train and service team.

If you have purchased your product on another train, unfortunately our team on board can’t accept any product return.
In this instance, please ship the defective item plus the completed return initiation form to:

don boardservice GmbH
Columbusplatz 7-8 / Stiege 1/ 4 .OG
A - 1100 Wien

All cost of any return shipping will be fully covered.
Catering reservations
We look forward to your inquiries for events, group reservations or special requests for catering on the train – via phone 0664/800228644

(Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 18:00 clock) or by

Bookings for groups are available for all ÖBB long distance trains with an on-board restaurant.
In the ÖBB railjet bistro, seats can be booked for up to 8 people. For trains with on-board restaurants, reservations are possible for up to 20 seats.

We are also happy to take care of company outings or larger groups in 2nd Class.

Due to technical preconditions on board,
limitations, especially in our meals selection, may occur.
Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any particular catering wishes, we are happy to provide you with personal advice.
Genuss auf Schiene gibt's auch in Gutscheinform! Zum Weiterschenken bieten wir 5€ DoN's Wertgutscheine für Speisen & Getränke in den von uns betreuten ÖBB-Fernverkehrszügen an.
Einfach eine kurze Mail mit gewünschtem Gesamtbetrag und Kontaktadresse an senden. Nach Eingang der Vorauszahlung werden die Geschenkgutscheine postalisch zugestellt.
We are open to your feedback on quality & service of our rail catering on long-distance trains of ÖBB. Send your impressions to the following e-mail address, specially created for your feedback.
DoN's on Facebook
Latest updates can be found on our Facebook page @dons auf schiene
© ÖBB, Harald Eisenberger
© ÖBB, Harald Eisenberger
© ÖBB, Harald Eisenberger
© ÖBB, Harald Eisenberger
© ÖBB, Harald Eisenberger
© ÖBB, Harald Eisenberger
© ÖBB, Harald Eisenberger

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