Sports and culture

DoN provides customised solutions for your cultural centre or large event. The spectrum ranges from exciting concepts in individual catering to break catering for your guests and staff catering. We bring with us our knowledge of perfect logistics solutions, innovative payment options and a concept for quick turnaround in the break business. From Vienna to Linz and all the way to Innsbruck: we are at your service throughout Austria!

gastronomy for sports, cultural venues and major events

A cultural event means, besides the important issues underlying such an event, above all: catering culture. With DoN as your catering service provider, you get exactly that: a catering culture that is lived and loved.

However, we do not only know our way around one industry. We are also at home in catering for sports venues and events. Whether it is a restaurant directly on the edge of the field, which always welcomes its guests with new dishes, varied buffets and food of the best quality, or the accompaniment of a sports event with a wide range of food and beverages.

What does it all look like in the end and, above all, how does it taste? The implementation of our culinary and also creative creations is based not only on our years of experience, but also on your very individual ideas. We implement your wishes with professionalism, passion and traditional quality so that your guests and customers will be delighted.


As a caterer with several years of experience, we have already been able to give people all over Austria the gift of pleasure from our locations in Vienna, Linz and Innsbruck. Be it weddings, events for companies and organisations or even charity or sporting events. We plan exactly the culinary catering that suits your project.

Whether live buffet, gala dinner, finger food, flying dinner or something completely different: Exquisite dishes with delightful creations and room for surprises are our speciality. From traditional to extraordinary: with DoN's unique cuisine, your guests will always feel as if they are in a 5-star restaurant.


With our locations in Vienna, Innsbruck and Linz, we are there for you as a service provider throughout Austria. It doesn't matter whether you come from near Vienna, for example, or whether you are organizing your event there. We have already travelled all over the country for weddings, private parties and events from a wide range of industries and ensure enjoyment at every location. Just take a look for yourself: Our references will give you an insight into our experience and information about what your culinary provision could look like.


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