Weddings and private parties

For special occasions, the culinary experience is an important part of a successful celebration. From agape and wedding dinners to birthday parties, we offer tailor-made catering to suit you, your wishes and your location. Whether Linz, Innsbruck or Vienna: we offer you the best catering throughout Austria!


Catering, catering, catering: At a big event, everything revolves around food and is literally on everyone's lips. Because whether it's a wedding, a birthday party or another private event, whether it's Vienna, Innsbruck or Linz - most likely you do everything you can to ensure that your event is perfect and that your guests go home with a good feeling and, in the best case scenario, still talk about the food afterwards. Because we think the best way to put a smile on someone's face is with good food. What do you need for this? Professional catering that not only scores with special menus, but also surprises every single guest with attention to detail and culinary delights.

We at DoN have years of experience and not only in wedding catering. We have already catered many celebrations in Vienna, Linz, Innsbruck and all over Austria at the highest level and always strive to make your big day unforgettable, regardless of whether it is your wedding, your birthday, a private Christmas party or an event with a completely different occasion. When you have DoN as your caterer for your event, you not only get the finest food, but also the full service that will impress not only you, but also your guests.

Regardless of whether you decide on finger food, a buffet or an elegant dinner, with us the implementation is always carried out with the highest professionalism. We surprise every single guest with culinary highlights and you can be sure that when you plan your event with DoN, people will still be talking about the food afterwards.


What do you want from your caterer for your wedding, for your celebration? Should it be an elegant dinner, a fancy buffet or unique finger food? Do you want special features such as a candy bar or a food truck? No matter what you choose, DoN will conjure up a catering experience where every menu and dish is perfectly tailored to you and your event. Tell us how you imagine your dream wedding, your very personal event, what plays a major role and what you expect from your catering. And finally, let yourself be surprised and enchanted by our implementation in original DoN quality.

Gala Dinner: Catering at it's best - enchant your company with an elegant dinner. Everything has to be just right: The service staff, the drinks, the tableware and of course the food. All of this must radiate the elegance that befits a gala dinner. For us as a catering company with several years of experience in wedding catering, business catering and as a caterer for a wide variety of events, we can guarantee that your menu will run smoothly, promising pleasure and surprise at the same time.

Live Buffet: The buffet may be the classic of catering, but that doesn't have to mean that this way of serving food has to be boring. On the contrary, with DoN you get a buffet in a class of its own that is precisely tailored to you, your wishes and your guests or your wedding guests. Because especially at weddings the buffet is very popular, but the bridal couples often want something that makes it special. Whether live cooking, exquisite dishes, large or small productions: We make your wedding, your event, exactly what you want it to be. And so your wedding will not only be a successful wedding, but a dream wedding.

Flying Dinner: Find the catering that suits you best! Maybe this time it can even be served in the air? With our Flying Dinner you can stay on the ground while our delicacies fly directly to you. So you can enjoy your drink and conversation while the food flies from guest to guest as if by magic.

Fingerfood: At your dream wedding and also at a perfectly planned celebration, a proper standing or champagne reception should of course not be missing. And as an experienced catering company we know: A happy guest not only has a good champagne in his glass, but also a fine canapé in his hand. Our finger food, lovingly designed and served by hand, will add another special moment to your most beautiful day. Because especially at a wedding, finger food should not just satisfy a small appetite, your catering should be worth its price from start to finish. With us, no wish remains unfulfilled: sandwiches, petit fours, hot or cold appetisers - we will conjure up the best catering for you.


Wedding in Vienna? Party service in Innsbruck? Support for your celebration in Linz? Whether Vienna, Linz or Innsbruck - we are there for you throughout Austria! Whether it's a wedding or another private celebration: there are plenty of occasions for a big party, which of course need the right caterer. With DoN's locations in Vienna, Linz and Innsbruck, we are well connected throughout Austria and can take our catering exactly where you want it. Whether wedding catering, Christmas or birthday party: our catering makes your event complete! Contact us and we will already clarify the most important questions that are on your mind. We look forward to meeting you!


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