We are looking for team players, unconventional thinkers, newcomers, returners, those who would like to switch to other areas, those who want to advance, part-time and full-time employees. Above all, we are searching for people who wish to share our service philosophy: kind, unconventional, responsible, esthetic.

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Which documents should I send?

We require an up-to-date CV (incl. photo) for every application without exception. A cover letter is usually not necessary.
In the case of career changers, however, we are particularly interested in the motivation for a change.
For professions that require a completed apprenticeship, we also ask for the relevant certificates to be sent directly with the application.

We prefer CVs that are sorted in reverse chronological order (last position is listed first).

What is the process?

Depending on the position, the process may vary a little. As a rule, it works like this:
We look closely at all applications and make an initial shortlist based on the CV.
Then we conduct telephone interviews that last about 10-15 minutes. Once all the initial telephone interviews have been completed, we decide, in consultation with the responsible manager, which candidates will be invited for a personal interview.
Depending on the position, there may be several interviews or work samples.
After the interview, we try to give feedback as soon as possible (within one week).

Did my application arrive?

Our applicant portal sends an automatically generated email when the application is uploaded. Please also check the spam folder if necessary.

Can I also apply in person, by phone or by post?

Unfortunately, we can only process applications that are received via our applicant portal. In case of difficulties with the applicant portal, you can reach us on 0664 800 22 10 47.

Can I do an internship or apprenticeship at DoN?

We advertise all internships and apprenticeships regularly. If there are no advertisements, we unfortunately do not currently accept applications for these positions.

How long does the application process take?

Depending on the position, the process can take between one week and three months. For some positions there are specific course starts that have more elaborate requirements and therefore need more time.

What are the career opportunities at DoN?

There are many opportunities for advancement within the DoN group. The DoN group is growing fast and changing just as quickly - accordingly, positions regularly become vacant, which we are happy to fill internally. However, since the exact developments also vary from subsidiary to subsidiary, we ask that specific questions in this regard be sent via email to

What are the career opportunities at DoN?

Please contact our HR Team by email at


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