DoN in the
lounges at
Vienna International Airport

LOCATION: Vienna Airport

Since March 2021, DoN has been serving the exclusive passenger lounges at Vienna Airport and providing business catering at the highest standards.

The lounges are used as a hub for a strong brand message in favor of regional Austrian quality products.

Passengers enjoy DoN's high-quality tailored taste catering in the SkyLounge in Terminal 3 and, since March 2022, also in the newly opened luxurious VIENNA Lounge in Terminal 1.

With a tailored appearance and strong reference to Austria, DoN's concepts meet and exceed the high quality standards of the lounges at Vienna Airport. Elegant uniforms, fine tableware and the use of high-quality regional ingredients with healthy preparation are the core values of DoN Catering. During their stay in Vienna, guests are taken on a journey through Austria's culinary highlights.

The spacious and exclusively designed SkyLounge offers 175 seats on the 2nd floor of Terminal 3, as well as separate areas for Senator and HoN passengers. In the modernized Terminal 2 with its new, large and very exclusive lounge area, there are 480 seats available, which are also serviced by DoN.

The lounges are located at the F-Gates in Terminal 3 and are open to passengers daily from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
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DoN in den Lounges am Vienna International Airport

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