So much taste can fit into one bite!

Fingerfood is ideal for your cocktail reception or as a companion to an aperitif.
For such intense moments of enjoyment our cooks create artful works by hand.

Fingerfood is versatile: cold or warm - and also vegetarian and veggie delights.

Fingerfood cold
Layered or rolled?

Prepared with love to details - in one bite gone.
And that's how it is supposed to be!

Cold Fingerfood can be pretty elegant served on black slates or
presented on étagères.
These special culinary experiences are layered, rolled, formed and skewered - prepared for your enjoyment.

Small menu glimpse:

Mini Quiche with salmon & leek I Rolled vulcano ham with pumpkin seed oil gervais and corn salad I prosciutto dumplings with spicy humus I Ildefonso of pumpernickel with cream cheese filling I rolled deer ham filled with tomatoes and Golden Delicious apples I Crêpes with leaf spinach, goat cheese and mint I Blue cheese with fig mustard and grapes on crisp bread
Fingerfood warm
Catering is cooking, is fire, is love (for food).

We freshly prepare warm fingerfood on the spot.
Filigree creations - as enormous taste explosions.
Warm Fingerfood can stir the appetite, but can also be a full meal.

Small menu glimpse:
Baby potatoes filled with salmon and leek I Curry prawn on a stick I Calf polpetti with tomato salsa I chicken saté skewers with peanut dip I bacon-wrapped prunes I puff pastry filled with spinach and feta
Petit Fours
Petit Fours - Fine small delicacies

"Petit" is good - because fortunately those sweets are not bigger. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to taste all of them.
Petit Fours are the perfect alluring closure for your guests.
Colourful and handmade with love.
Ranging from typically-austrian to standing out-experimental creations.
Not only a pleasure for the mouth but also for the eyes.

Small menu glimpse:

Pariserspitz I Erdbeerspitz I lime tartlet I Baumkuchen cuts I Mini-Sacher-cube
Bread rolls
The classic on a cold buffet

For a reason - handy - just delicious.
Mostly ordered for meetings and conferences.
We believe that fine and creative office catering is a "Turbo" for
innovative ideas and results.
But also for a casual cocktail party.

Bread rolls come in different flavours: with meat, fish or vegetarian - on dark bread or baguette.
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