DoN’s on
ÖBB long-distance trains
Delight on rails

Since April 2018, DoN's has been the culinary partner of ÖBB and is on the move with pleasure on all long-distance trains. Our products are characterized by the best quality and regionality; we change our range with a seasonal focus every quarter. More than 500 employees work for us every day and take care of you on the train, and at prices that make you lean back and relax.

We wish all of our guests a good appetite and a pleasant stay on board!

For further information visit our Facebook page: @dons auf schiene

DoN’s Menu on Bord

With our offer we spoil our guests in the on-board restaurants. All offers are also available as Take Away and can be consumed throughout the train.

Our offer includes vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free options that are not marked in this list. If you have any questions about this and the exact ingredients/allergens, please contact our team on board personally.

The menu "DoN's Bistro Winter 2020/21" is valid from 17.12.2020.

DoN's Bistro Menu
Food & beverages from the DoN's Bistro menu are available in the Railjet Bistro.
Passengers of the ÖBB Eurocity are also able to visit the on-board restaurant to take full advantage of the bistro menu.
DoN’s Mobile Board Service Menu
A small but fine selection of snacks and drinks can be found in the mobile board service menu. Served off the mobile trolley, this offer is available to all guests of the ÖBB Intercity as well as Railjet Economy Class with destination Czech Republic (Rj 70, Rj 72, Rj 74, Rj 79, Rj 371/1271, Rj 373, Rj 375).
Product information
We are happy to share details about our products, nutritional values and ingredients.
Catering reservations
We look forward to your inquiries for events, group reservations or special requests for catering on the train – via phone 0664/800228644

(Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 18:00 clock) or by

Bookings for groups are available for all ÖBB long distance trains with an on-board restaurant.
In the ÖBB railjet bistro, seats can be booked for up to 8 people. For trains with on-board restaurants, reservations are possible for up to 20 seats.

We are also happy to take care of company outings or larger groups in 2nd Class.

Due to technical preconditions on board,
limitations, especially in our meals selection, may occur.
Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any particular catering wishes, we are happy to provide you with personal advice.
Gift Vouchers
We offer 5 € vouchers for dining and beverages in the ÖBB long-distance trains.
Send us a short mail with your requested value and your address to
After receiving your prepayment, your vouchers will be sent to you per post.
Complaints Shopping on board
If you want to complain about your rail shopping product due to defects, you can do so directly after purchasing it on the same train with the same team.

If you purchased your product on another train, our team on board will unfortunately not be able to accept your return directly.
In this case, please send us the defective product, including the fully completed complaint card, by post to:

don boardservice GmbH
Karl-Popper-Straße 2/Top 9
A - 1100 Vienna

The shipping costs are of course covered.
We are open to your feedback on quality & service of our rail catering on long-distance trains of ÖBB. Send your impressions to the following e-mail address, specially created for your feedback.
© ÖBB, Harald Eisenberger
© ÖBB, Harald Eisenberger
© ÖBB, Harald Eisenberger

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